Bob Dole

The following are the views of Republican Party candidate Bob Dole:

t one time, not long ago, the adult world worked together in the interests of children. Movies and music condemned drug dealers as villains and drug users as losers. Nancy Reagan set a simple standard of “Just Say No,” and politicians, of both parties, pounded that message home. Parents became more educated and involved.

Between 1979 and 1992, overall illegal drug use fell by half. The War on Drugs in the 1980s was one of the greatest social policy victories of our times. This triumph was abandoned at the moment of our success. And this is why the dangerous resurgence of drugs is the greatest social policy failure of our times.

Both victory and defeat are temporary against drugs, because our effort must be repeated each year, as new children cross the threshold into a world of hard choices. Every child is another chance to make things go right, to recover our nerve.

As president, I will ensure that the Office of National Drug Control Policy is adequately staffed and given the tools to do the job. Never again will this office be abandoned by the president.

What We Can Do About the Drug Problem continued...

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