Bill Clinton

The following are the views of the Democratic Party candidate, Bill Clinton, president of the United States:

rugs are as much a threat to our security as any outside enemy is today. They are a leading cause of crime and violence. They add literally billions of dollars to health care costs every year. There is a new CDC report that says that drugs are the cause of at least half of all the new HIV infections in the United States. And drugs are imperiling our nation’s most precious resource, our children.

As I said in the State of the Union, if we ever expect to reduce crime and violence in our country to the low level that would make it the exception rather than the rule, we have to reduce the drug problem. We know it is a difficult battle. We know that overall drug use and crime are down in every segment of our society except one – our young people. And that makes the battle more difficult and more important.

The glamorization of drugs and violence is a big reason for this. That’s why I worked so hard for the V-chip and the television rating system. That’s why we need to stop the glorification of drugs in our popular culture. And for those who say we should throw in the towel and just make drugs legal I say, not on my watch. That would be a mistake.

What We Can Do About the Drug Problem continued...

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